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Don’t Wait For AI – How Executive Search Firms Are Taking Advantage Of Technology Now

You can hardly switch on a computer or scan a newsfeed on your phone these days without an article, report or blog post discussing the ‘future of Artificial Intelligence’. 


AI is coming, so we’re told.  


Panels of experts assemble to discuss what an AI-powered world will look like, and how our lives and jobs will change.  


The things is, AI has been ‘on its way’ for more than sixty years, ever since John McCarthy coined the phrase to formally kick off the study of human-machine interaction.  


Machine intelligence has been on the rise ever since, and although AI has been accelerating in sophistication in recent years, our progress remains a dot on a very long learning curve that is far from complete – and indeed probably never will be.  


AI may enhance candidate sourcing in the long run, but will never replace the expertise of experienced search professionals – nor is it fit to solve senior leadership appointments.


Specialized executive search software designed to help executive search consultants every step of the way already offers huge technology potential here and now. 




A long time coming 


Artificial Intelligence is defined as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.


However wondrously clever AI systems get, they are rooted in fundamental programming initiated by humans.  


This means that AI tools are driven and governed by algorithms and instruction sets built by software engineers and modelling experts. They use these ‘rulebooks’ to simulate decision-making and intelligent behaviour.  


As such, what has really been powering forwards in recent years has been the complexity of the programming, allowing AI systems to mimic human intelligence more and more effectively.  


Indeed, computer processing power plus human programming is a powerful combination; hence many AI platforms are capable of performance far beyond what humans themselves can actually do with the ‘processor’ that is the human brain.  


But the key point is this – AI is about incremental improvement. It’s a technology concept which is by no means new and is nowhere near ‘finished’. 




Don’t hesitate… 


Being overwhelmed by the thousands of stories about the impending ‘arrival’ of Artificial Intelligence can leave executive search firms in all sectors hesitating to invest in intelligent technology systems which can positively impact their companies right now.  


Software platforms are getting smarter across the board – from Gmail prompting how you might want to finish your sentences to advanced CRM systems that unlock opportunity from your client and candidate data.  


Deploying advanced software within your executive search business can have big benefits that improve both top and bottom line performance, including (among many): 


  • Faster time to complete assignments 
  • Ability to manage more assignments at the same time 
  • Higher revenue per client account
  • Better sourcing and relationships with candidates
  • Ability to work anywhere via browser-based technology
  • Stronger client management
  • Ability to generate superior client reports
  • Sharing selected candidate information through a client portal
  • Faster adoption time for new members of your team 
  • And much more!


Being blinded by the dazzle of a promised AI future shouldn’t hold back executive search firm owners from exploring the capabilities of technology today. 


Software’s ability to accelerate and enhance business performance is a game-changing advantage for competitive search firms – and those who wait for better things to come will miss the benefits that are available right now.  


Contact us today to find out the competitive advantages your search firm can gain by selecting FileFinder Executive Search Software – without waiting years for the perfect (and illusory) AI solution to come along. 


Don't wait for AI - How executive search firms are taking advantage of technology now

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