FileFinder Anywhere Executive Search Software

FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of FileFinder Executive Search Software, a powerful, and yet easy-to-use, combination of database, project management, web research and CRM tools, designed specifically for executive search firms and in-house strategic recruitment teams.

Available as a cost-effective Cloud, browser-based application or via a variety of alternative deployment models, hundreds of search firms and corporate clients rely on FileFinder technology to better manage their executive search process.

Facilitating fast, effective and efficient Executive Search

FileFinder Anywhere is designed to help you to complete your projects more quickly. FileFinder lets you:

  • Leverage the power of the web and social media to quickly and easily source information on people and companies far beyond your internally sourced information.
  • Work on your search assignments and update your database without leaving your Outlook inbox on PCs, Macs and through a browser.
  • Access your internal business data and information from the web, ensuring you always have access to the most current information.
  • Generate superior client reports including the ability to export directly in Word, Excel or share selected information through our Client Portal.
  • Work where you want when you want via browser-based technology – which helps you remain secure; our Cloud solutions offer “Privacy by Design” with no local data caching – helping keep your business GDPR compliant.

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WHITE PAPER-Software Vs Browser - Executive Search Technology for yesterday or tomorrow

White Paper: Software vs Browser


Most executive search firms looking to invest in new technology today will ask for “Something cloud-based”. It’s what virtually every search business wants – scratch that – it’s what virtually every business wants. That’s how business technology is delivered nowadays and the benefits offered are well understood.

Fortunately, most of the suppliers to executive search firms now offer a Cloud-Based Offering.

Except…. They don’t. They may claim to, but the definition used in the executive search software industry is a long way from the definition used pretty much everywhere else!

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Our Easy-to-use Browser-based Technology

FileFinder Anywhere is the only mainstream Executive Search management tool to offer a 100% browser-based delivery option. For the vast majority of our clients, browser-based delivery is the preferred way of working, offering a variety of benefits including:

FileFinder in the Cloud

  • True Cloud hosting
    No need to worry about backups, servers or anything else.

  • Browser-based delivery
    No need to download software or plugins. No specific hardware requirements. No worries about home working. You simply open a browser and login.

  • The most advanced Outlook integration
    The most advanced Outlook integration in the market means that you can work inside the Desktop version of Outlook or – uniquely – through the Outlook Web app both on Windows and Apple Mac.

  • For firms with specialist requirements
    The option to host internally, licence rather than subscribe, or use Desktop Windows software remains available.

Mictosoft Azure Hosting Centers around the world for FileFinder Anywhere

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What our clients say

I had done some research on a number of different executive search systems and found that FileFinder Anywhere seemed the most intuitive, easy to use and most relevant to my needs. Accessing our data via a browser will be very helpful in our very busy work life!

Deborah Gollin, Founder, Gollin Associates (USA) – Read more testimonials