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FileFinder or Talentis

FileFinder is one of the most popular executive search products in history. From its roots as a UNIX-only platform to the advanced SaaS product it is today, it has – and continues to – support thousands of executive recruiters worldwide day in, day out.


FileFinder clients love it for its robustness. Its power. Its depth of functionality – it’s a “big product” that is perfect for the many search firms that need that.


But the world changes, and executive recruiting changes with it.


Many executive search firms continue to build competitive advantage through the compilation and management of detail-rich internal databases. These firms continue to rely on FileFinder and will do for years to come.


Today, however, so much information is publicly available. Sites like LinkedIn and Bloomberg have transformed how many recruiters find and engage with both candidates and clients.


Increasingly, modern recruiters turn to the web first and CRM second.


This is where Talentis comes in. At launch, Talentis was an innovative candidate research tool designed to allow recruiters to source talent in ways that other tools – including sites such as LinkedIn – simply cannot.


We made Talentis available to any hosted FileFinder client, anywhere. We know many FileFinder subscribers continue to enjoy this unique combination of tools. Talentis has also been bought by clients using other executive search software products, including Cluen’s Encore, Ezekia, Bullhorn, and Invenias.


However, since launch, it’s become increasingly obvious that for many firms, the approach offered by Talentis suited them more compared to the workflow built into more traditional CRMs. Many users also felt that a single product would provide a more efficient way of working than any combination of CRM and Talentis.


That’s why, we are delighted to announce, we are now in a position to convert the data from any CRM (including FileFinder or any of its competitors) into Talentis. A single executive search CRM, with built in candidate sourcing and virtually no data entry is available now – all supported by the market-leading support services of Ikiru People.


Of course, Talentis won’t be right for every firm, and so we continue to offer it alongside other CRMs as a sourcing tool. Furthermore, we continue to sell, support and develop FileFinder – and will do for years to come!


However, for any FileFinder client that does wish to consider migrating data into the new Talentis platform, please speak to your account manager.

FileFinder vs Talentis

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