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How To Find The Right Executive Search Software

Software plays a hugely important role in the success of any executive search business. From the ability to track and report on key assignments to the tools to actively source and engage target candidates, a purpose-built platform drives productivity and can repay exceptional ROI.


But picking the right platform is no easy task.


Many recruitment CRM platforms are built to appeal to a wide user base, trying to please and accommodate a diverse group of customers from temporary staffing shops to permanent placement specialists. However, these products are not designed specifically for executive search. They take the opposite approach: finding a job for an active candidate, rather than sourcing the best possible passive candidate for a client-driven assignment.


The right technology partnership not only secures and assists the daily functioning of your business, but it can also be critical to its growth – from driving revenues to engaging and retaining top staff.




Know the right questions to ask potential suppliers


When it comes to evaluating software for your executive search firm, here are some questions to keep in mind:


  • Is the platform built for executive search?


Point one on the agenda is choosing a system designed specifically for executive search, not multi-function recruitment.


Retained and executive search mandates have unique process steps and reporting requirements that many mass-market CRM systems can’t accommodate. It’s best to start by picking a product that’s purpose-made.


  • What are the project management capabilities?


Executive search projects involve detailed stages of project management that keep multiple project stakeholders on the same page with regard to progress and phase completion.


With international and multi-site search firms, this is especially important, as are workflows which involve regular client updates and reporting.


The right software for your business should be a versatile project management tool, as well as a CRM.


  • How do I access my platform?


Executive recruiters are often on the move, working in increasingly flexible working patterns and often needing access to their database and tools outside the office to keep deals moving at maximum pace. An executive search platform for today’s era shouldn’t just have a robust desktop program, it should be accessible as a web-based application and have an accompanying mobile app.


The days of hurrying back to the office to find or input data are well and truly over, and platform accessibility should be high up the wish list.





  • How does the platform unify my data?


Having access to systems from web or mobile is one thing, another is pulling together different data sources into the same place.


A top-grade executive search platform shouldn’t just show you your internally sourced information on candidates but should draw in information from external social platforms such as LinkedIn, allowing users to see everything in one location.


  • Does it integrate with my day-to-day tools?


The key to technology efficiency is plugging in systems together to streamline processes. It gets rid of manual effort, data copying and administrative tasks, saving huge amounts of time better invested in recruiting candidates. The best software options for your executive search business will connect with the other IT products in your tech stack such as Outlook integration to let users access CRM data directly from their inboxes.


  • It is compliant with data protection laws?


With the advent of GDPR and similar regulations appearing around the globe, it is essential that your executive search system helps you be compliant. It includes a way of tracking a legal basis of processing data of your candidates and client contacts on an ongoing basis among other requirements.


Do not even consider software that is not compliant with data protection regulations – a breach without such protections may lead to fines that could effectively be the end of your business.



If you have reached the stage where you need to ask these questions, feel free to contact us – we will be delighted to provide you with all the answers and show you why FileFinder is the preferred software supplier for hundreds to executive search firms around the world.


How to find the right executive search software

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