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Good Executive Search Software Is No Longer Enough

Specialized executive search software is non-negotiable to build a competitive search firm. But technology on its own can’t transform your business – it’s all about delivery.  


What makes an executive search software company stand out from the crowd? 


For any technology platform to deliver successfully for customers, it has to be built around the right core features. 


Executive search is a complex, high-pressure field, and purpose-built software has to be packed with capabilities that drive efficiency, accelerate workflows and add value to the search process. 


But features alone don’t get the job done, and executive search software providers are now competing on a new playing field – one dictated by the service and support that they deliver to their clients.  




Features are in the eye of the beholder 



The trouble with taking a features-only approach to executive search software is that every search firm is unique.  


They have different models, different structures, and need different things from the tools that support their operations.  


Whether due to people, processes, internal culture or markets, some platform capabilities will always be deemed more or less valuable, or receive more or less use.  


Some search firms get huge benefits from some features, while others barely touch them.  


Others can see the rationale for including certain product functions, but simply don’t need them for their particular customer base or market niche.  


The net result? 


It’s not enough to simply build a technology platform crammed with features and then sit back and wait for customers of all shapes and sizes to help themselves – executive search software companies need to partner with their clients to build custom engagement that adds genuine value to the way search firms use their technology.  





Service, service, service 



On top of a stacked feature list, true value from executive search software partners comes from the service they deliver – working with their clients to create win-win partnerships where tangible business outcomes are directly generated by use of the technology. 


This runs right the way through the customer life-cycle, beginning with implementation and training, through support, account management and a commitment to long-term customer success. 


Technology companies who work to make sure that their customers fully understand product capabilities, develop workflows and internal programs to drive adoption, monitor usage and track results, set themselves apart from platform-only providers who simply hand over the login information and leave clients to their own devices.  


Real value from executive search software is a partnership – one enabled by technology, but not purely dependent on it. 


Instead, it’s a blend of education, problem-solving, training and process development – all with the shared goal of having a proven impact on client outcomes. 


When feature lists are set to one side, if technology providers can’t stand behind their tools and help customers put them to maximum use, they’re only doing half their job.  





Our approach for FileFinder Executive Search Software clients



For years, we have been providing comprehensive video tutorials, training documentation and free online clinics in the Client Area of our website 24/7, as well as outstanding support from our offices in the US, UK, Germany and Australia – making us available outside of normal office hours in various time zones.


Going further, a few months ago we were delighted to announce the creation of the FileFinder Client Success Team


FileFinder is a business-critical application for hundreds of executive search firms and in-house talent acquisition teams around the world – and we are committed to make sure our clients can use our product at its full potential to support their business goals. It’s quite simple – executive search firms use our software to be more successful, and we are here to help them achieve that. It’s a win-win situation – if our clients are successful, then so are we.


We work with our clients to ensure FileFinder follows their work practices and to advise them how to increase efficiencies by getting the most out of our technology. We assist clients with all FileFinder-related business issues; and we keep them updated of up-to-date training webinars and best training options. We pledge to inform our clients of all new and upcoming features in our development pipeline. Finally, we actively seek feedback from clients, including on the level of service received, how the software is working for them, or new features that they would like us to develop.


We agree that good executive search software is no longer enough.  The true value is in the service offered – and we are proud to provide world-class service and support to our clients around the globe during these challenging times.



Good executive search software is no longer enough

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