“FileFinder gives us the ability to support our core business regardless of the local technology infrastructure. To TRANSEARCH, FileFinder represents unparalleled support, a partner that understands our business, and providing an ever-evolving software solution – which is the bedrock of our 20-year relationship.”


Celeste Whatley, CEO, TRANSEARCH International


“FileFinder has revolutionized the in-house search function within our area at UCLA. It has enabled us to vastly increase our presence and visibility as a leader across the nation in strategic talent management and as an employer of choice in higher education.”

Amy Rueda, Executive Director, Strategic Talent Management – UCLA External Affairs


“FileFinder has been phenomenal as a tool throughout my Executive Search career to date, and I like the fact that it just keeps improving and that it has kept up with the times. We couldn’t live without the ability to run a great process, the ability to capture all the intelligence we gather through constant candidate meetings is essential, as is the ability to capture the compensation data that we provide. With FileFinder, everything is in one place and we’ve created this incredible pool of knowledge that’s been essential to our business.”


Yomi Akiwumi, Founder and Managing Director, Forge Partners


“We’ve had FileFinder for 12 years. What I would say is that our reputation and our competitive edge is built around the data and how we use it. And FileFinder is the engine of that offering.”


Basil Reid Thomas, Partner, Valentine Thomas & Partners


Why Choose
FileFinder Executive Search Software




Executive Search Software – only better!


Our experience working with thousands of executive recruiters around the world tells us that different users have different needs from executive search software.


That’s why FileFinder is designed with Executive Researchers, Consultants/Partners and Business Owners in mind. Web Research Zone is an essential tool for Executive Researchers. Customizable search strings in Web Research Zone help the whole team to find the best and relevant candidates for their projects. FileFinder also has multitude of ways to add candidates to assignments from other resources. Consultants and Partners love the ability to work on their search assignments without leaving MS Outlook, access their database anywhere on any device and “cannot live without” the business development functionality in FileFinder. Business owners can monitor performance through an array of KPIs and gain insights into search projects via powerful build-in customizable reports.


Benefits of FileFinder Executive Search Software


  • Allow your team to work remotely and access their data on any device.
  • Work on your search assignments and update your database without leaving MS Outlook on PCs, Apple MACs and through a browser.
  • Leverage the power of the web and social media to quickly and easily source information on people and companies far beyond your internally sourced data.
  • Manage your search and business development efforts and monitor performance through an array of KPIs and reports.
  • “Privacy by design” ensures GDPR compliancy, while EU/US Privacy Shield helps keep your data transfers legal.
  • Save hours of work each week by generating superior client reports
  • Gain access to new senior-level talent worldwide through an exclusive integration with GatedTalent, the fastest growing Executive Talent source.
Download FileFinder Brochure

Data Migration


  • Ikiru People’s Data Analysts have a combined 30 years’ experience of migrating data to FileFinder
  • Over the years, we have migrated 100s of clients onto FileFinder – both large and small
  • Expertise in data migrations from Bullhorn Invenias, Cluen Encore, Profile, Bond Adapt, Salesforce and ACT as well as from spreadsheets, MS Outlook contacts and GatedTalent connections
  • Optional premium services such as data cleaning and de-duplication also available
Download data migration infosheet

User Adoption, Training Options and Post Implementation Support


  • Highly skilled trainers, with wealth of experience and knowledge about Executive Search and Interim recruitment processes
  • A choice of dedicated or shared online training session ideal for new employees or as a refresher training
  • Post Go-Live Q & A sessions
  • Dedicated Client Area on our website full of on-demand bite-size training videos
  • Monthly no-cost training clinics
  • Access to 24/5 technical and user support via our global offices for out-or-hours support rated excellent on Trustpilot

FileFinder Executive Search software platform comes with full client reporting functionality:

Over 80 reports as standard including:

  • General, people, company, marketing and management reports
  • KPI, Pipeline and Business Development reports
  • A variety of Candidate Status Reports / Client Progress reports
Candidate Progress Report - increase efficiency of your executive recruitment software, executive search system

Sample: Candidate Progress Report

A report generator to create your own reports

  • Easy-to-use report generator which enables you to create reports unique to your needs and company.
Assignment Milestones Report - increase efficiency of your executive recruitment software, executive search system

Sample: Assignment Milestones Report

All reports can be exported, emailed and printed immediately

  • Export any of the 80+ standard reports into Word or Excel for further enhancements
  • All reports can be immediately used and send to clients, contacts or colleagues
Candidate Status Report - increase efficiency of your executive recruitment software, executive search system

Sample: Candidate Status Report

Cloud Hosting, Resilience & Disaster Recovery


  • Our clients’ data is hosted in 3 Microsoft Azure datacenters: West Europe (WE) in the Netherlands, Southeast Asia (SA) in Singapore and in the US (US Central)
  • Data is backed up using SQL Azure automated backups. Full backups are created every week, differential backups every 12-24 hours, and transaction log backups every 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Backup data is stored in geo-redundant storage blobs that are replicated to a paired Azure region.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a failure in the primary region, data will be restored within the corresponding paired region and our Azure DevOps release pipelines will deploy a new platform via code.
An image of FileFinder Anywhere Microsoft Azure data centers around the world

FileFinder Security


  • FileFinder uses a 2048-bit SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption in transit
  • SQL Azure TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) ensures all customer databases, backups, and logs are encrypted at rest.
  • Access is granted to FileFinder by a User ID and Password. The system-wide password complexity requirements, account lockout, forced password resets and password history options are all configurable.




  • FileFinder has several user security levels that can be assigned to users according to their requirements and the requirements of the company.
  • Users, roles, and permissions can all be configured to meet the security requirements of your organisation.
  • We use Time-based One-Time Passcodes (TOTP) for MF.
Download FileFinder Security Factsheet

Candidate Sourcing Made Easier with GatedTalent and Talentis Integrations!


Access 1000s of senior-level candidates from around the world


GatedTalent Logo


GatedTalent is a global database of executives from more than 100 countries. Populated and maintained by the executives themselves, the pool is highly up-to-date and growing rapidly. FileFinder Anywhere is the only CRM platform to have two-way access to this talent pool.
  • Update your legacy data – convert “stub records” to fully populated, detailed profiles.
  • Benefit from access to a fresh pool of candidate profiles, with thousands of new registrations every month.
  • Allow executives to share confidential information of the sort you won’t find on LinkedIn.
  • Benefit from free, targeted research support.
  • Support GDPR compliancy.
  • Earn credits and connect with NEW executives when you need to.

Discover Talentis – the revolutionary way of sourcing executive candidates



Talentis brings together artificial intelligence and big data to revolutionize the executive search process.


Talentis is unique. While traditional recruitment software was designed to make it easy to source information from the web and store it in a local database, our platform turns this worldview on its head.


Talentis users search for potential candidates on Google. LinkedIn. Bloomberg. Various other sites. They find a candidate of interest and – with no data entry required – add them to a search. Or make notes. Or add tags — all without leaving the webpage of interest. No record creation. No parsing. No duplicate checking. 90% less data entry. And – rather than creating records that decay over time – the confidence of knowing that users are always accessing the most current information available.

GatedTalent and Talentis both integrate with FileFinder to ease candidate sourcing – request a demo to learn more!

Service Level Agreement


All technical support calls are dealt in priority order based on their severity


PriorityCommon ExampleResponse
Critical (P1)Multiple users unable to work1 hour
Serious (P2)Single user unable to work2 hours
Moderate (P3)Single/multiple users with issue on a main business process1 day
Minor (P4)Product training question/query2 days
Outside SLA (P7)Scheduled upgrade/server moven/a



Ikiru People support response time
Download the Ikiru People SLA

All this from the supplier you can rely on


  • FileFinder is a brand of Ikiru People, a subsidiary of Dillistone Group Plc, global leader in the supply of technology solutions and services to recruitment, staffing and executive search businesses, as well as corporate HR teams around the world.
  • Ikiru People is a company behind some of the best-known brands in the recruitment technology market which include Voyager Infinity Software (recruitment software CRM), FileFinder executive search software, GatedTalent, the global database of the world’s leading executives, Talentis.Global – the next generation of recruitment software and also ISV.Online, provider of online pre-employment skills testing and training tools. Dillistone Group serves thousands of clients worldwide.
  • We are a team of more than 100 people spanning three continents, offering exceptional service and 24/5 support to clients around the globe.



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