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How Executive Search Firms Can Achieve Long-Term Client Partnerships


Every executive search firm out there wants to be recognized as a Trusted Partner by its clients. However in today’s world, it is easier said than done. Which is why I thought this article from UK-based search firm Collingwood was so refreshing – laying out their attempts at achieving such a status, what they did to reach this goal, and the impressive results that followed. Well worth a read if your search firm is on a similar journey!



And the results have been fantastic for all concerned: we have increased the number of assignments delivered right first time from 77% to 100% and we have achieved 100% consistently for the last 2 years. Our level of repeat clients as a percentage of overall clients is 75% with many partnerships now over 10 years (bear in mind we are a growing consultancy winning a lot of new business). Clients approach us as advisors, trusting our views, judgement and expertise to help find solutions and develop their business strategies. Our strategic leadership transition services ensure that any hires we make integrate effectively. Our clients now make decisions based on reliable data, they understand the landscape of their industry and can invest in people who will add real value to their business. Our consultants have a documented process to help them achieve excellence and a great customer experience.


How executive search firms can achieve long-term client partnerships

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