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The Relationship Between Compensation And Revenue At A Boston Search Firm…

It’s pretty unusual for an executive search firm to reveal this level of detail about how it compensates team members and the impact this has on revenue.  This is a revealing case study about how a very successful firm raised compensation levels across the team and saw an increase in revenue as a result.  Well worth a read…

When Driscoll put the plan into place in January 2016, the highly profitable business had $6.7 million in revenue and 46 employees. She knew it would be a feel-good move, but since she has put it into effect, she says, employee turnover has fallen, revenues have risen – she expects to reach $15 million this year – and profit margins have held steady.

Favicon https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestreptalks/2017/02/06/how-recruiting-company-ceo-megan-driscoll-gave-her-employees-a-raise-and-kept-profits-up/#1a22fd4536e0