Nagare Strategic Recruitment (Belgium)

Another satisfied FileFinder Executive Search Software client

I had been a FileFinder user for more than ten years when I started my own headhunting business in 2014. I then took the time and effort to explore the recruitment software market. Some of the companies proved themselves to be annoyingly commercially aggressive, others provided me with demos of a confusing, complex system that showed anything but a thorough understanding of the recruitment business. Other software user interfaces just looked incredibly… tacky (yes, don’t forget that you will be looking at that screen for hours on end, day after day). It didn’t take me long to realize that I had always been right thinking that Dillistone’s FileFinder really is a dream solution. When I contacted Dillistone, I was pleasantly surprised to experience that they are genuinely interested in you as a customer, also when you are a sole proprietorship and not a ‘bigger’ agency with let’s say more than 10 consultants and/or researchers. Whatever the size of your organisation, Dillistone stands out in professionalism: they really listen to you, are proactive, are knowledgeable and willing to help, and truly care for you as a customer. FileFinder itself is noticeably the result of years of experience and of thinking along with its users. When using the software, you will notice that the next step of what you are doing is actually being anticipated by the software itself. Absolutely brilliant!

Franky De Cauter, Owner / Founder

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