AR Resourcing Group (UK)

I am able to manage 25% more projects than before… purchasing FileFinder has certainly given AR Resourcing Group a competitive edge as I am now attracting and placing many more candidates.

The Background:

Adam Richardson, Managing Director of AR Resourcing Group operates a specialist recruitment business, serving the needs of clients within the procurement and supply chain functions. As an embryonic business, AR Procurement used an MS Outlook based database, but Adam soon realised that this was holding his company back.


The Challenge:

“I work with a number of long standing clients for whom I deliver a retainer model, research based service on a contingency fee model. I’ll undertake 10-12 projects a year for these firms, and so needed a tool which would help me identify passive candidates quickly and more effectively.”


The Solution:

“Overall the system is great… An easy tool to search large networks accurately… I can email 100-200 executives instantly and start the search. Although access to the candidates is the same, you can get a keener understanding of what is happening since you are able to easily track the search. It cuts time to complete the process faster and more effectively.”


The Service:

“Support has been unbelievable… When there is an issue, within 10-15 minutes, someone in support calls you back directly… Being a small business it is critical that non sales issues are resolved as quickly as possible which has certainly happened every time when dealing with the support team.”


The Return on Investment:

“I am able to manage 25% more projects than before. Purchasing FileFinder has certainly given me a competitive edge as I am now attracting and placing many more candidates.”


Adam Richardson, Managing Director
AR Resourcing Group


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