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McKinney Consulting, Inc. (Korea) - AESC Member - selects FileFinder Executive Search Software

After working in a search firm which used a basic homemade database utilizing Microsoft Access, I realized that there must be a better way. So, the first purchase that I made immediately upon the establishment of my company, McKinney Consulting, was the FileFinder system. The advantages of using a professional management system (database CRM) such as FileFinder are endless, but here are a few of the obvious ones:


1. Reduced staff. We can actually have less staff and accomplish more placements by using this system which is less labor intensive.


2. Speed in search, time is money. We are able to locate our talent pool much faster using FileFinder.


3. FileFinder allows us to store and locate all of information which is easily accessible to all members of the company.


4. Our database is less likely to be stolen based upon the security measures put into place.


5. Constant input from actual users and then the implementation into the design of upgrades in the system puts us on the leading edge of technology within our industry and gives us a competitive advantage.


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