JSD Consulting (UK)

JSD Consulting recommends FileFinder Executive Search Software

We chose FileFinder and I was grateful for the early implementation part of the process. As I said we had a system that had quite good functionality for what we were doing, and so we were really wanting to replicate that. The FileFinder projects team were very good at really trying to analyze what it was that we did, how we did it and trying to replicate that functionality in FileFinder for us. I think the project management team were extremely good at getting us through the process and implementing the product. It was a seamless process.

In addition to that, FileFinder has always been very reliable. Because it is a very modern system on a modern platform, we don’t have any issues with reliability. And, if there are significant upgrades that need to happen, we get very good warning around those. I think we have great support with FileFinder if we need it. I don’t think there’s any such thing as the perfect tool, but what I have found is that the team is very receptive to questions and comments.

Jenny Fox, Managing Director
JSD Consulting


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