Dillistone Announces Industry First – FileFinder Integration with Native Outlook on Apple Macs

FileFinder now supports integration with the native Apple Mac version of Microsoft’s Outlook email app

In a first for the recruitment software industry, Dillistone Systems, the global provider of the market leading FileFinder Anywhere suite of Executive Search applications, has announced that the product range now supports integration with the native Apple Mac version of Microsoft’s Outlook email app.

The new development allows users on the Mac operating system to add information to and review information from the FileFinder database from within the native version of Outlook. Several firms provide similar functionality for the Windows version of Outlook, and Dillistone has long provided a comparable service within the Browser version of Microsoft’s market-leading email app, but this is believed to be the first time that Outlook users on Macs will enjoy access to such functionality within the native version of the tool.

“Dillistone Systems was the first supplier to the executive search industry to launch an Outlook add-in – that was more than a decade ago. In 2014 we became the first – and currently only – supplier in the sector to support the browser version of Outlook and, today, we are delighted to become the first supplier to offer support for the native version of Outlook on the Apple Mac,” explained Jason Starr, Managing Director of Dillistone Systems.

“The reality is that probably only 10% of executive search firms use Macs. But that’s not the point. Our ethos is to allow our users to work anywhere, anytime. How many of our clients have team members who use Macs at home? Search is not a 9-5 industry and our clients need apps that support them everywhere and anywhere. FileFinder Anywhere does exactly that.”

Dillistone Systems has enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales growth for the FileFinder Anywhere App in 2016 and the latest developments – which come just a month after the launch of the FileFinder Anywhere client portal – will further that growth.

“As the only mainstream supplier to executive search with a full browser solution, we can now focus our efforts on continuing to further improve the experience of our users with tools like this. We expect further announcements in the coming months,” added Jason Starr.

Notes to Editors:
Dillistone Systems is the leading provider of Executive Search software powering recruiters and strategic recruitment teams around the world. FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of FileFinder Executive Search Software, a powerful, and yet easy-to-use, combination of database, project management, web research and CRM tools.

Available as a browser-based, Cloud-hosted Web app or via a variety of alternative deployment models, hundreds of search firms and corporate clients rely on FileFinder technology to better manage their executive search process.

Dillistone Systems is part of Dillistone Group Plc, a global provider of software and services to recruitment firms and recruiting teams within major corporations.

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