Internet Research Techniques for Executive Recruiters

The course is designed to teach Executive Researchers and Consultants basic Internet search skills (including basic Boolean commands, X-raying to search through websites, using People Search Engines and automating your searches) and advanced techniques such as finding email addresses and contact details, lists of people, how to source candidates from Facebook and Twitter, how to search through all elements of a webpage and much more!

PLEASE NOTE: These training sessions are open to ALL Executive Search firms and will NOT require any FileFinder system knowledge. The training sessions will only cover Internet research techniques. FileFinder clients with a valid support or ASP contract will receive a 10% discount – please email to request a PROMO CODE.


  • Delegates will be from several firms
  • Webinar recording available after the session
  • Q & A available during the session
  • Each session lasts approximately 2 hours

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Internet Research Techniques for Executive Recruiters

“I just wanted to let you know how massively helpful and insightful I thought your webinar was.” Stephens International

“The training was terrific and I learned a lot!” Paragon Partners

“I found it mindblowing to be honest! So much help. Many thanks.” Trinitas Search


This training session is designed to teach Executive Search professionals:

  • How to use Boolean searches on Google and Bing and what different results to expect.
  • How to search the ‘deep web’ – information not indexed by search engines.
  • How to conduct X-ray searches to find candidates, resumes, biographies or profiles.
  • How to use innovative methodologies to reveal the brightest talent and how to reach out to them quickly!
  • How to find full names of people who are not in your LinkedIn network and how to contact them.
  • How to use basic search skills effectively: “quote marks” , stop words, and more.
  • How to discover hidden profiles.
  • How to find specific details: locate email addresses, find conference attendees and more.
  • How to search on Twitter, Amazon, Facebook.

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Next available webinar date: TBC

Cost: £195 / €245 / US$275 per delegate (+ 20% VAT for UK attendees only)


FileFinder clients with a valid support or SaaS contract will receive a 10% discount – please email to request a PROMO CODE.

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Cost: £195 / €245 / US$275 per recording (+ 20% VAT for UK based companies only)


FileFinder clients with a valid support or SaaS contract will receive a 10% discount – please email to request a PROMO CODE.

More Testimonials:

“Very helpful course and well presented. Every single bit of content will be useful in my role as a researcher and it is all up-to-date with current sourcing techniques and needs.” Tonic International Recruitment

“Very informative and very useful. Thanks for the tips! LinkedIn search was particularly useful.” Wilton & Bain

“The course structure was well laid out, progressing from basic information to very complex and ingenious ways of finding information. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is an Internet researcher. The trainer had a very friendly and approachable style of teaching. The class was highly enjoyable as a result.” Remtec Search and Selection

“Really insightful, very useful and lots to now explore!” Halsey Consulting

“This course was very helpful and made me aware of lots of new search techniques and sites, I’m sure that this will be very helpful for me in my job role.” Spindler

“Learnt some very useful techniques that will make my research immediately more productive.” Isis Consultants Ltd

“Excellently delivered, hugely useful and can’t wait to get back to the office to put into practice.” Manners Maclean

“A good understanding instructor who got her message across very effectively whilst allowing time for me to actively take part in searches/utilise search techniques etc.” Spectrum-EHCS

“The course was extremely useful. A half day is great – just long enough for concentration purposes! A great start to my researcher role – although I would also be tempted to come back for a refresher and more of the same in six months time or so. All information was up to date and relevant.” Carlyle Associates

“Very interesting and useful content for me as a researcher. Some very nice tricks that I couldn’t have come up with myself! Would definitely recommend the training for my colleagues and other researchers.” IMS Talent Oy