FileFinder Anywhere Integration with GatedTalent

What our clients say

“Since we implemented FileFinder, we have become more efficient and we are getting better and better at what we do. Training has been very helpful, and the product is easy to use – we can get new staff up and running with software quickly. Overall, FileFinder has greatly contributed to our Executive Search firm’s success – and the integration with GatedTalent not only helps us manage GDPR, but also to capture new executives in our network.”
Shawn Coleman, International Recruitment Manager, CIP Global Executive Search

Because an Executive Search firm’s database is only as good as the data it contains.


GatedTalent is a global database of executives from more than 100 countries. Populated and maintained by the executives themselves, the pool is highly up-to-date and growing rapidly. FileFinder Anywhere is the only CRM platform to have two-way access to this talent pool.
  • Update your legacy data – convert “stub records” to fully populated, detailed profiles.
  • Benefit from access to a fresh pool of Candidate profiles, with thousands of new registrations every month.
  • Allow executives to share confidential information of the sort you won’t find on LinkedIn.
  • Benefit from free, targeted research support.
  • Support GDPR compliancy.
  • Earn credits and connect with NEW executives when you need to.

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How To Transform Executive Search Data into a Viable Talent Pool

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Transforming your Executive Talent Pool


It is often said that ‘an executive search firm’s database is only as good as the data it holds’. So, why do so many Executive Search firms review technology platforms without considering the core challenge – the value of the data it will store? Putting low-value data in a new container does not change the fact that it remains poor quality data. This White Paper seeks to look at the quality of data stored by Executive Search firms and asks how it might be transformed alongside a platform migration. Download White Paper

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