GatedTalent Takes Leadership Position as Demand for Executive Search Platform Accelerates

GatedTalent Takes Leadership Position as Demand for Executive Search Platform Accelerates

Dillistone Group Plc, the parent company of GatedTalent and Dillistone Systems, gave an update to the Stock Market on the performance of its new GatedTalent platform. The product, launched in October 2017, has grown rapidly and is now believed to be the fastest growing Executive Search technology in history.

Highlights from the Stock Exchange announcement included:

– GatedTalent signs more than 200 Executive Search firms since launch, overtaking closest established competitor in just 9 months
Executives from 90 countries have created profiles on the platform with the United States as the fastest growing market.
Membership growth accelerating, with June 2018 expected to be the best month to date.
– Highly senior-level talent pool – CEO is most common member job title.
– GatedTalent integration leads to Dillistone Systems reporting FileFinder Executive Search Software orders “well ahead” of the same period in 2017
– Additional platform functionality expected to be delivered over Summer

Jason Starr, CEO of Dillistone Group Plc commented: “GatedTalent has proven to be transformational for both us and its users. It’s the platform that allows our Executive Recruiter clients to find and engage with senior-level executives in a manner that lets the executive maintain their privacy. It allows an executive to be found by recruiters in a manner that will not be seen by colleagues, shareholders, employees or the boss (for those Executives who actually created a profile). One of our clients described it as ‘A private LinkedIn’ and I think that’s a great description.

“While the GDPR implementation deadline of May 25th fired the starting pistol for our service, we are delighted to report that our platform membership is accelerating – ensuring that our clients have access to an expanding and truly global pool of executives – many of whom simply cannot be found anywhere else.”

Notes to Editors
About Dillistone Group Plc:
Dillistone Group Plc is a leader in the supply and support of software and services to the recruitment industry. It has five brands operating through three divisions: Dillistone Systems, which targets the executive search industry; Voyager Software, which targets other recruitment markets; and GatedTalent, the next generation executive recruitment database.

About GatedTalent:
GatedTalent is a new service from Dillistone Group, the global leader in technology solutions for the recruitment industry, which helps executive recruiters manage GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance in an efficient and secure manner. The service also provides an easy to use platform for legalising and updating legacy data by enabling executives and professionals to select which recruiters to keep in touch with and to optimise those relationships by always keeping their profiles up to date, consequently delivering genuinely valuable search information. For more information about GatedTalent visit

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