Important News For All Dillistone Systems And FileFinder clients

Ikiru People is new, but you already know us

Dillistone Systems is delighted to announce that it will shortly join several of the recruiting industry’s best-known suppliers – Voyager Software and ISV.Online under one new brand – Ikiru People.


Dillistone Systems has, for many years, been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dillistone Group Plc – a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange. Voyager Software, ISV.Online are its sister companies – independently run, but wholly-owned subsidiaries of the same parent company. We’ve long shared systems and resources and so going to the next stage – breaking down the walls between the firms – is an obvious next step.


FileFinder is Dillistone Systems’ most successful product and hundreds of executive search firms, in-house executive talent acquisition teams and leading universities rely on it, day in day out. Protecting and developing this part of our market is our number one priority. We will continue to support and develop FileFinder, and one of the big benefits of this restructure is that our clients will have access to a bigger team.


Clients will continue to speak with members of the FileFinder team that they have built relationships with over the years, but they are now working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues from across the group. This will result in more resources across the board to help us serve and support our clients better.


The new Ikiru People brand reflects that our clients are all in the people business, and we like to think we are too. Our people – over 100 of them – are vital to everything we want to achieve, and so we chose a name that reflected the importance of People.


Feel free to contact us by emailing, should you have any queries about this new direction for our group of companies.

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