GDPR and Executive Search

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GDPR and Executive Search – What policies do you need and how to audit and secure your data?

For any Executive Search firm planning for GDPR, a vital first step is understanding the scale of your problem. That’s where a data audit comes in.

In this webinar, CEO Jason Starr and CTO Alex James will explain everything you need to know about auditing your data for GDPR compliance!

GDPR and Executive Search – On-demand recordings

What you need to know and what you can ignore

As the leading technology supplier to Executive Search firms, Dillistone Systems is uniquely positioned to help Executive Search firms through the new privacy policy minefield.

CEO Jason Starr and CTO Alex James discuss the new rules and your action plan to compliance.

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“GDPR and Executive Search: Myth-busting – What you need to know and what you can reasonably ignore”

Consent and Legitimate Interest

The closer we are getting to May 2018, the clearer the specifics of the new legislation are becoming including greater clarity on some of the grounds for processing personal data: obtaining consent vs legitimate interest.

This webinar covers in detail the pros and cons of both approaches.

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“GDPR and Executive Search: Consent and Legitimate Interest”

It’s Not All About your Database

The GDPR is not just about your database or IT security, it’s a change management project. In this webinar, Helen Haddon, founder of ComplyGDPR, explains how data breaches are most likely to occur in an executive search or recruitment context through the actions of consultants and staff. She sets out practical actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of a breach and a fine.

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“GDPR and Executive Search: It’s Not All About your Database”

GDPR and Executive Search – Preparing for the tidal wave of inbound regulation!

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On Jan 6, 2017, Dillistone Systems announced that it had become the first executive search specialist technology supplier to become accredited under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. This is the new framework which replaced “Safe Harbor” and it’s a pretty big deal in terms of storing information on candidates.

But it’s also nothing compared to what is coming. In May 2018, the new “General Data Protection Regulations” (GDPR) come into play. If your executive search firm stores electronic information on European citizens – even if your firm is not in Europe – you will be impacted… the rules are tough and the fines draconian – up to 20 Million Euros (potentially more for very large firms). Companies that break the rules and suffer a breach could be wiped out. We’ve written a whitepaper that explains why GDPR should be the highest priority for Executive Search firms in 2017.

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FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of browser-based FileFinder Executive Search Software, a powerful, and yet easy to use, combination of database, project management, web research and CRM tools, designed specifically for executive search firms and in-house strategic recruitment teams.

Available as a Browser-based, Cloud-hosted App or via a variety of alternative deployment models, search firms and corporate clients have been relying for years on FileFinder technology to better manage the process of executive search.

If you choose to implement our FileFinder cloud solution, your data is stored securely. Unlike other vendors, we never cache data on local machines/devices, ensuring you are not risking data breaches via a lost laptop or phone. We became the first specialist vendor to be accredited to the US / EU Privacy Shield and are thought leaders in terms of GDPR and data privacy, with our complimentary on-demand webinar recording and white papers accessed worldwide.

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