How up-to-date is your FileFinder?

We now have hundreds of clients and thousands of users on the FileFinder Anywhere platform – but there are also literally hundreds of firms using legacy versions of our applications.

You might be surprised how old your version of FileFinder is and the time-saving functionality you and your team are missing out on!

FileFinder 8

First released in March 2007 – currently up to 46 releases OLD

FileFinder 9

First released in March 2009 – currently up to 31 releases OLD

FileFinder 10

First released in November 2014 – currently up to 16 releases OLD

VIDEO: FileFinder Anywhere featuring the Client Portal

If you are using an earlier version of FileFinder, you may be missing out on LinkedIn and Outlook integration, Browser and Mobile access, and a whole host of other efficiency gains.


Upgrades from FileFinder 10 to FileFinder Anywhere are typically very quick and cost-effective and with little lead time. Demand for upgrades from earlier versions is significant at the moment, and so if you are looking to move to our latest release speak to your Account Manager today!

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Upgrade Options

For current FileFinder 10 clients

Option 1: Upgrade to the latest version of FileFinder 10 (v10.8.9)

Cost: £125 / $220 / €188 for clients with a current support, development or ASP contract.

Version 10.8.9 includes some significant speed and stability improvements over earlier versions of FileFinder 10.

Option 2: Upgrade to FileFinder Anywhere

Cost: Software (including the new Outlook plug in) is FREE of CHARGE to supported or hosted clients. Implementation time may vary, but £425 / €575 / $650 is typical for smaller clients. The Browser enhancement is an additional £10 / €12 / $15 per user, per month if required.

FileFinder Anywhere is the latest version of FileFinder. In addition to benefitting from speed and stability enhancements, users of FileFinder Anywhere can benefit from our entirely new Outlook add-in (provided free of charge) and a number of other product updates.

You also have the option of upgrading to the Browser version of FileFinder, which enables users to access key business information through a browser on virtually any device, including the Apple Mac and the Chromebook. Our brand new Web App allows clients with an Office 365 account to access FileFinder via Office 365’s version of Outlook.

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For clients using FileFinder 9 or earlier releases

FileFinder 10 and FileFinder Anywhere are built on an entirely new technology to FileFinder 9 and its predecessors.

As a result, companies wishing to upgrade need to fill in the Site Survey and the Upgrade Qualification Forms. The upgrade process also requires data mapping for data migration, which is followed by the test data migration and then the live migration. Training is also required. Once we have reviewed your site survey, we can provide a quote. Please note that a support contract is mandatory for upgraders.

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What our clients say

We are very happy with the recent upgrade to FileFinder Anywhere. It has more functionality and it is very user friendly. It is compatible with the world around us like importing data from digital networking sites and Outlook which is a major time saver – an all-inclusive tool which we can fully rely on. It connects everything in terms of information as any piece of information that we have received from anyone we can easily access anytime and anywhere.

Robert Groeneweg, Managing Director, New Europe Resourcing – Read more testimonials