SPRING SEARCH International (The Netherlands)

SPRING SEARCH International recommends FileFinder Executive Search Software

I looked at CRM systems, I looked at ATS systems. And then one day, I came across FileFinder, and I found it to offer both. It’s like an integrated thing where you can take your projects from A to Z, so you can manage the entire project from within one platform. And that really got my attention. And ever since I’ve been talking to Ikiru People, I’ve been amazed by how customer-focused they are, and how friendly they are, and how professional they are. That does it for me. The program offers me everything I like, it’s really customizable as well, you can do so many things with it, it is unbelievable – and the people at Ikiru People are exceptionally warm and customer-focused, so that really binds me also to FileFinder. It has helped me in focusing myself, just keeping things together, keeping things organized, and I do expect it to help me for a long time to go.

Leon Commissaris, Founder
SPRING SEARCH International


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