Profile10 (UK)

Another satisfied FileFinder Anywhere Executive Search Software client

I always knew that Dillistone offered a premium service, but it wasn’t until I switched to FileFinder Anywhere from another system where we really struggled with support, that I realised how valuable the service is.

Founded by Korn/Ferry International alumni Asif Salam, Profile10 is a London based firm servicing clients globally, but with a particular focus on the UK, Denmark and Belgium. The firm works primarily in the Enterprise IT space.

Initially, Profile10 implemented an Outlook based system. However, as the needs of the firm developed, Asif found that his ability to meet the various needs of his clients was constrained by the limitations of the product. Although Profile10 is a relatively small firm, Asif and his team had built a valuable database and wished to port the data to his new platform. With his services in high demand, he had a very tight window to transfer the data and was not prepared to allow the transfer to have a negative impact on his clients.

Asif signed a contract with Dillistone Systems in late March 2015, and was live on FileFinder Anywhere by the end of April. Within this period, a complete data conversion was implemented, with all legacy data from the Outlook based system being converted to FileFinder, and training being delivered to the Profile 10 team. Dillistone Systems had undertaken a number of previous translations from the Outlook tool and were able to reuse this experience. A project manager with experience of this process was put in charge and managed the entire switchover. Asif explains: “Our implementation manager did a really great job. We are busy, and had a very tight window to transfer the data from our previous system into FileFinder and to be trained on the new product. She ensured that all of our expectations were met.”

Asif has also been delighted by the performance of his new system. He explained: “We are really enjoying using the database and learning new things everyday… FileFinder is everything we expected. We regularly finding ourselves looking up and saying, yes, we couldn’t have done that before!”

“We’ve been relentless with Dillistone’s support guys and they’ve been great… We apologise for calling them so often, but we want to be great with the system, and they want us to be great too. It’s so different to our previous supplier, where we had to log a call and hope to get a call back, which might be 3 or 5 hours later. That’s a big difference, because if you need help, you need it there or then – not 3 to 5 hours later when you are doing something else. I always knew that Dillistone offered a premium service, but it wasn’t until I used another system where we really struggled with support, that I realise how valuable the service is.”

“I’m in two minds about recommending FileFinder Anywhere to other firms. One one hand, I want to tell people about the great product and the great service, but on the other – I don’t want them to have as good a database as we do!”

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