McIntyre Global Executive Search (USA)

Another satisfied FileFinder Executive Search Software client

FileFinder allows me to handle more searches at the same time… It definitely has increased my speed and our capacity as a business.

Mike Costello, Executive Sourcing Manager
McIntyre Global Executive Search

The Background:
McIntyre Global Executive Search, a Penrhyn International Partner, was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Powell, Ohio. With a broad history as a generalist firm, they’ve added focus areas in healthcare and industrial manufacturing. The firm is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. We spoke to Mike Costello, Executive Sourcing Manager.

The Challenge:
The firm was using an Access-based system which Mike describes as “a homegrown system that lacked the increased functionality that we needed”. Once the decision to change was made, the firm reviewed at least 15 possible products before shortlisting three. In June 2011, the firm decided to implement FileFinder.

The Solution:
“FileFinder is very broad, and there’s a lot of room for growth… Its potential is vast. It’s so customizable… we really can do so much more with the tool than we initially expected. We’ve been able to apply our process to the tool and stay on track. From a research perspective, it has made us more efficient since you can do anything with a one-click view. For instance, instead of just adding candidate information, we have added subcategories that allow us to track the search with a single view…. Having the Research Zone embedded is really great because when people work outside the tool information is lost… With FileFinder, it’s one tool that allows you to do most everything.”

The Service:
“You can’t put a price on this. They are always friendly, they are always willing to help, and they never rush you. They take the time to explain things… It’s dynamite.”

The Return on Investment:
“It allows me to handle more searches at the same time. It is definitely a time saver! FileFinder cuts the time it takes not only to find the people, but to get them into the system. We have so many searches and now I can be more effective. Now, I can widen my search for candidates, can find candidates faster and can get them into the system quicker…. It definitely has increased my speed and our capacity as a business.”

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