Brainpower (Russia)

Brainpower (Russia) selects FileFinder Executive Search Software

By the time we started to look for a new database, our old one absolutely didn’t correspond to our needs of the constant follow-up of the recruitment process. We needed a “live” database application, from which you could see the whole process in its development. Prior to purchasing FileFinder, we’ve conducted a broad market research. We found several other specialized applications, however none of them met our requirements so completely in terms of functionality and price. Moreover Dillistone provided us with several online product presentations, which allowed us to take a solid-weighted decision. Now as we have FileFinder, we are not feeling helpless in the absence of an Account Manager in charge. We can find out the whole process through FileFinder contact logs. We can provide our customer with a report of the work done through the Report function. We can easily see if the candidate is already on some recruitment process at the moment. We would definitely make the decision to purchase FileFinder again, and we recommend that our partners purchase it.

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