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Money No Longer Talks In The “War For Talent”

We keep hearing that Millennials have different values and work aspirations than previous generations.


At the World Executive Search Congress in London, Gary Preston – Senior Managing Partner of executive search firm Preston & Partners – talked about the need for employers to re-evaluate and adjust interviewing, mentoring, onboarding and retaining programs for Millennials. Why? Because what matters to them is not just how much they will earn, but mostly how they can make a difference within a good work environment, tackling interesting projects and maintaining a good work/life balance.


Well, it seems that the above no longer applies to Millennials only – senior executives are catching up on this trend. This article features comments from various executive search professionals on this topic… food for thought!

John McCullough is the long-time head of KPMG executive search. “I don’t think we’re in a war for talent,” he says. “However, there is always demand as every company wants the best. Things have improved dramatically in senior executive search in the last eight to 12 months. Uncertainty is still an element and will be for the foreseeable future, but companies that survived the downturn are generally leaner, with refined processes and products. Now they want to grow and are hiring for this and to tackle perceived weaknesses within their organisations.

In terms of salaries, things are pretty static with small increases of maybe one or two per cent. What really matters to companies now is that new recruits are not just competent heads of function. They must also be able to see the bigger picture and be commercially savvy".

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