Are you an independent Researcher looking to boost your credentials in order to secure more business from leading executive search firms?

Dillistone Systems – supplier of FileFinder Anywhere Executive Search Software – can help with the FileFinder External Researcher Program, providing you with free online training to use the browser-based version of our product, requiring no installation on your devices and no cost to you. We are the only Executive Search software provider to offer this unique service!

Many executive search firms around the world are using our products and by learning to use FileFinder for Browser, you will be able to conduct external research efficiently directly in your clients’ databases, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets (and risking non-compliance with the new GDPR rules) and producing up-to-the-minute results on your assignments, giving you a distinct advantage over competing external Researchers.

All you have to do is sign up for our free training sessions by emailing Once we have a few people interested in the training, we will propose a suitable date for this 2-hours maximum online training.

Upon completion, you will be entitled to use the “Certified to use FileFinder for Browser” logo on your promotional materials.

Additionally, you will be listed on our website as a Certified FileFinder for Browser Researcher and your details will be made available to our clients looking for external research help.

All this at no cost to you! You only have to invest approximately 2 hours of your time to complete the online training.

Interested? Sign up for the free FileFinder External Researcher Program TODAY

Executive Search firms and Corporate Search teams are under increasing pressure to source top talent quickly and effectively while minimizing research costs.

Search projects are increasingly challenging, often requiring recruiters to look beyond traditional markets and often across borders.

Many Search teams achieve this by supplementing internal resources with external researchers. This allows for the flexibility to ramp up or down research availability without impacting on core teams, while also providing access to researchers with specific market expertise.

The problem, however, is that Search teams have internal databases which external researchers are seldom able to access. There are a variety of reasons for this – data protection, software licensing and the traditional need for software to be installed.

Modern technology, however, changes all of this. This White Paper seeks to explain how, and sets out how Search teams and independent researchers can work together more effectively.

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What our clients say

FileFinder Anywhere makes us a lot more efficient on our assignments. We can see the status of every project, where we need to focus and where there are any gaps really quickly.

Finiti Search (UK)