FileFinder Anywhere Integration with GatedTalent

FileFinder Anywhere is the only executive search management platform to be fully integrated with GatedTalent.

GatedTalent is the global database of the world’s leading executives, populated primarily by invitations from our search firm partners, but with information curated by the executives themselves.

GatedTalent is exclusively integrated with FileFinder Anywhere – it allows FileFinder users to search the platform, manage compliancy (with full support for the GDPR concepts of “Consent” and “Legitimate Interest”) and receive executive updates in an entirely seamless manner.


Is your CRM GDPR Compliant?

Below, we’ve summarised some of the key criteria that your CRM needs to support and briefly explained how our unique combination of the FileFinder CRM and GatedTalent will help support your compliancy.

Legal Requirements

  • Any supplier who Processes Data must be compliant. You must have a compliant contract

  • Your data must be stored in a secure manner

  • Your solution must support data minimisation

  • You require a legal basis to Process (this is the Consent versus Legitimate Interest discussion)

  • You need to notify candidates

  • You need to keep records

  • You need to keep data up to date

  • You need to make it easy for a candidate to update privacy decisions

  • You need to manage information requests

  • You need to manage deletion requests


  • Art. 17 (2)-(3)

  • Art 5-9; Recitals 38-56

  • The 3rd Principle

  • Principle 1

  • Principle 1 art 13 and 14

  • Art 30

  • Principle 4

  • Recital 64

  • Art 12,15 recital 63 & 64

  • Art 17 recital 65

FileFinder and GatedTalent

  • ✔ Our contracts have been rewritten and are compliant

  • ✔ All data hosted by us is encrypted and benefits from intrusion detection systems and regular penetration testing

  • ✔ Standard functionality

  • ✔ The “legal basis” is not a systems issue per se; however, your system will need to support your chosen strategy. We support both options

  • ✔ Automated via GatedTalent

  • ✔ Automated via GatedTalent

  • ✔ Automated via GatedTalent

  • ✔ Online privacy dashboard via GatedTalent

  • ✔ Semi-automated via GatedTalent

  • ✔ Semi-automated via GatedTalent

How can FileFinder Anywhere and GatedTalent help your firm?

I currently have no database, just various names and emails stored in Outlook and spreadsheets.

Many of our new clients join us as new firms, with no real database but perhaps some contacts in LinkedIn or Outlook. Using FileFinder Anywhere and GatedTalent helps you to quickly and easily convert those contacts into populated and compliant records.

You’ll simply upload the information into your new FileFinder Application. GatedTalent will manage the process of requesting consent from all your contacts and will invite every single one of them to create a profile in its talent pool. If they do, the information they provide will be downloaded into your new FileFinder database, as will any future updates they provide, for as long as they remain connected to you. In addition, for every connection who joins GatedTalent you earn a credit which can be used to connect with another executive outside of your current network but inside the platform. You start with a simple list of contacts and we give you legally consented, full up-to-date profiles for leading global executives – directly in the world’s leading executive search CRM!


I have data in an alternative database.

We’re sorry to hear that. The good news is that we can convert data from your legacy platform and run a “Consent and Clean” process at the same time. You’ll end up with a better CRM, a compliant database full of executives waiting to be considered for executive search assignments and cleaned data!


I already use FileFinder.

Terrific! You are half way there! If you are using FileFinder Anywhere, simply join one of our webinars to learn more!

If you are using an earlier version of FileFinder, please contact your Account Manager to discuss an upgrade.

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